If you would like to get hold of me, e-mail is best. Use "sabloom#ironflower.com" - just change the "#" to "@" (damm automated spam-bots!) and you'll encounter a challenge/response filter - another price we all pay for the existence of spammers. I apologize for this necessity, but with a totally legitimate address available for scanning, I get more pleas from generous Nigerians, offers for porn, and ads for enhancing certain parts of my anatomy than I care to see.

You can also reach me through:
   P.O. Box 760
   Archer, Fl 32518-0760


If you are interested in any of the blades here, please contact me. There is always the chance that the blade you want to buy has just been sold, so check with me before sending money.

My policy on purchasing one (or more) of my blades is simple - you have to be satisfied and the knife has to work.

Payment can be through Paypal or by check (in which case, there will be a delay while the check clears).

If you're in Florida, you pay tax.

Everyone pays shipping (typically $15 for FedEx - USPS dislikes "dangerous" objects and UPS is often light-fingered, a bit more cost means a lot less headaches.)

Our guarantee: If the knife isn't what you want, return it within 30 days in the original packing (and remember to insure it!) and you get the purchase price back. If the blade fails (and you didn't try to use it as a crowbar) and I'm still breathing and hammering steel, talk to me and we'll deal with the problem. So far in over twenty years, there has been one cracked handle, one blade with poor edge retention (a Harley chain experiment), and one railroad spike knife (that rusted - who would have thought!). Not a bad record for over 250 blades sold, so I'm reasonably confident that you will be satisfied with anything you buy.