The links listed here are provided as a service to folks interested in smithing. If one is out-of-date, or you have one to contribute, please send the necessary information to

Blacksmithing & Metalworking organizations

Appalachian Blacksmiths Association
Alex Bealer Blacksmith Association of Georgia
ArtMetal - Bramblebush
British Blacksmith Association
The Guild of Metalsmiths, an ABANA chapter
Houston area blacksmiths, an ABANA chapter - web based forum & project/tips
Internationaler Fachverband Gestaltender Schmiede
IronNews: On-Line magazine:"..our mission is to be a premier "full service" destination...about Wrought Iron"
Knifemakers' Guild Site
and if these get changed and/or for other organizations - you can try the ABANA chapter site for updates.

Information and Plans

MetalCalc @ Ganoksin.Com - Calculate the length or weight of various precious metal products.

Publications, Schools & Museums

Anvil Magazine
Blacksmiths' Journal
John C Campbell Folk School
Saugus Iron Works

Smith's & Metalworker's Sites

A N V I L F I R E . C O M
Steve Bloom's Damascus knife site (IronFlower Forge)
E-Line -discount knives and swords,etc. (Garett Finney, owner)
Don Fogg's Site - great info on bladesmithing & sharp toys
* Fusionworks - sculpture and architectural elements *
Jurustic Park -- worth a look if you're interested in metalic beasts
Blacksmithing Woodworking Heritage Consulting

Suppliers of Services, Tools & Materials

Bare-Metal Foil & Hobby Co. - Molding and Casting Products
Bonny Doon Engineering
Cherokee Industries Inc. - Hands free welding helmets & supplies
Copper and Brass Sales, Inc. Web Site
The Eastwood Company, Auto restoration tools body shop antique cars welders sandblasters
Exotic Handle materials
English Wheel
European-style anvils - in the US
Fastener Supply Company...Your source for Tools, Eyelets, Grommets, Strap Hardware, rivets... All your Fastening needs!
Heat Treating
Kano Labs (great lubricants & metal protectants)
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Welcome to MSC Industrial Supply Co., Let Us Be Your Warehouse!
PhotoBrasive Systems
Pneumatic Tools, Industrial Tools, and Construction Tools
Roper Whitney - Punches
Rot Doctor-Wood Stabilizer
Sealants, coatings, resins
A1 SUN-FOILTEC Switzerland, Windowfilms, Splitterschutzfolien, Splitterschutz, Sicherheitsfolien, Sonnenschutz, UV-SCHUTZ, window tinting, window film, fading, solar protection, energy efficiency, window treatments, g TIP Tools & Equipment, Inc.
Misc engineering/machining information