About Us

Before you send your money off into who-knows-where, you might like to know a bit about us.

I originally starting banging on metal (and heads) as an armorer of reproduction Japanese armour within a medieval recreation group (the SCA) in 1972 or thereabouts. In 1983, I took my first blacksmithing course (held by Dr. Carl van Arnum under the auspices of the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association or FABA). I got hooked. After studying with Fred Caylor (who corrected most of the bad habits I got into from studying on my own from books) and taking a course with Don Fogg at the Campbell Folk School, I was off into bladesmithing. I've been active in FABA since 1983 and have served as trustee for several terms, Program Chairman, Editor, and (currently) as Webmaster . I was honored to receive an honorary Ph.D* from FABA in 2000.

Kimmy is my partner and source of historical information as well as being a copper and bronze worker, jeweler, enameler, and glass-bead maker (when she isn't taking care of me).

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We live in North Central Florida, near Archer (SW of Gainesville) with our destruction of Rottweilers, a couple of cats (who keeps the dogs in line), chickens, and the owl who lives in the shop (funny about that, the mouse problem seems to have gone away).

*The degree makes me a double doc - in 'real' life, I hold as Ph.D from the University of Washington (Seattle) in Zoology and an M.S. in Computer Science from UF. I've retired from being a senior researcher/programmer in the Soil & Water Science Dep't at the University of Florida and still run my own environmental firm (Ecological Data Consultants) in my abundant spare time. Some of my publications are available here.

We're active in reenactment groups: the SCA occassionally where I pass as Master Sir Sakura Tetsuo, in Revolutionary War activities in St. Augustine, and as a dogface in the 6th Cav, Troop B (WWII).

Contact information

If you would like to get hold of me, e-mail is best. Use "sabloom#ironflower.com" - just change the "#" to "@" (damm automated spam-bots!) and you'll encounter a challenge/response filter - another price we all pay for the existence of spammers. I apologize for this necessity, but with a totally legitimate address available for scanning, I get more pleas from generous Nigerians, offers for porn, and ads for enhancing certain parts of my anatomy than I care to see.

You can also reach me through:
   P.O. Box 760
   Archer, Fl 32518-0760