U007  $125


Kitchen Knife Date of Construction: 2021-10

Blade Characteristics
   Steel Type: 15N20
   Composition  :  tool steel
   Billet #  :  n/a
   Number of Layers: 1
   Pattern: n/a
   Etch: Medium
   Polish: Satin
Dimension (inches)
      Length: 6.2
      Max Thickness: 0.131
      Min Thickness: 0.07
Handle Characteristics
   Grip Material: White Oak
   Grip Type : Integral bolster & riveted pommel
   Fittings Material: n/a
   Fasteners: Riveted pommel
Dimension (inches)
      Length: 4.8
      Max Thickness: 0.84
      Min Thickness: 0.691
      Max Height: 0.905
      Min Height: 0.673
Heat Treatment
   Austenization & Quenching
      Heat Source: Oven
      Temperature (F): 1500
      Quench material: Oil
      Quench temperature (F): ambient
      Temperature (F): 400
      Duration (hrs): 2
      Repetitions: 1

Full sheath provided

This was an experiment in forging a bolster from the parental metal - seems to have worked just fine.

n/a  =  not applicable