Other Ironwork
Besides the blades and from time to time, I venture into beating on steel for alternative objectives. Most of these are/were for sale at the Cedar Keyhole and I can always fire up the forge if you just have to have a replica. Typically, click on a picture to see the same image in higher resolution.

Door Knocker

This is another way to use a steel rose.

Octopods Knocker

From time to time, I reach back to my roots as a diver/biologist from the Pacific Northwest and make my representation of Octopus dolphini. These guys are uses as towel racks, hangers for leases, coat racks, bottle holders, wall sconces (two brass scallop shells held as reflectors for two candles), and whatever else takes my fancy.
different angle

Marine Inspired Items

A hurricane lamp with a seahorse handle

A stingray mobile

Swimming Dragons

Head sizes range from an inch to several inches.

A cohort