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        Box Tangs
            Box Tang outline.pdf
            Basic Box Tang Construction 2017.pdf
            Box Tang Bolsters 2015.pdf
            Mill attachment - use when milling wood.pdf
            Simple Box Tang Blades 2013.pdf
            U-Guards & Box Tangs Mk3.pdf
            Casting in Knife Construction -1999-02-cb.pdf
            Friction Folders
                Friction Folders 2010-03-cb.pdf
                Friction Folders detent -1999-12-cb.pdf
                Higonokami 2013 mk3 ver 5.pdf
            Thumb grooves with a file -1989-03-cb.pdf
        Full Tang
            2007 Full tang Construction -2007-04-cb (superceded).pdf
            2011 Forging & Grinding a Full Tang Blade.pdf
            2011 Full Tang Fit & Finish.pdf
            Alignment Guide 2011-08.pdf
            IFF-Grind Guide 2011.pdf
            Pin layout for 3,4, or 5 equally spaced pins.pdf
        Hidden Tang
            Daggers & lathes-2003-06-cb.pdf
            Drill extension for stag handles 2011-09.pdf
            Guards-Hidden tang- 2008-05-cb.pdf
            Handles & Pommels-hidden tang- 2008-06-cb.pdf
            U-Joint Tang.pdf
            NamBam Pommels.pdf
            Slitting & brazing Jigs-Take 1 -2010-07-cb.pdf
            Slitting & brazing Jigs-Take 2 - 2010-11-cb.pdf
            Carbide Grinding Guide 2011-09.pdf
    Damascus Production
        Damascus Forge.pdf
        Fogg Austenizer.pdf
        Katakama Yari & Finishing bench 2010-11-cb.pdf
    Heat Treating
        2011 Heat Treating Overview.pdf
        MarQuench & Satanite.pdf
        Salt Baths.pdf
        Cheesecutter CB 2009-10.pdf
        Kydex sheaths CB 2009-10.pdf
        Mokume-gane CB 2010-05.pdf
    Specialized Tooling
        Arbor For Squaring Shoulders of Hidden Tang Blades.pdf
        Bladesmith hammer-2000-11-cb.pdf
        Buffer-Quick change design-2000-03-cb-2.pdf
        Crown Stag
            Crown Stag milling jig.pdf
        Damascus billet- Center finder-1993-06-cb.pdf
        Mag chuck & knifemakers vise-2003-02-cb.pdf
        Mosaic Pin Clamp.pdf
        Power Hammer Brake
            Power Hammer Brake.pdf
        Rivet Spinning 2012.pdf
        Sen construction-2000-12-cb.pdf
        Soldering aid-knives-1999-11-cb.pdf
        U-Guard 2013-01.pdf
        Variable Speed Three-Phase Knife Grinder.pdf
General Blacksmithing
    Acme Hold Down.pdf
    Animal heads-Birds-Simple-1989-09-cb.pdf
    Candle holder-Leaf-1999-08-cb-2.pdf
    Candle Stick Base-3 legs jig-1996-02-cb.pdf
    Candle Stick Base-Angle jig-1990-06-cb.pdf
    Candle Stick-3 leg base jig-1990-04-cb.pdf
    Collar Dog-Spanish 16th Century-1989-05-cb.pdf
    Cup hooks-1993-04-cb-2.pdf
    Door Knocker-Rose-2000-02.cb.pdf
    Door Knocker-RR spike-1990-02-cb.pdf
    Drop-the-tongs-weld cheat-1990-06-cb.pdf
    Folding Anvil Stands.pdf
    Handles-Chest-16th Century-1989-06-cb.pdf
    Handles-Tool chest-1989-03-cb-2.pdf
    Hinges-Arc control-1989-08-cb.pdf
    Hinges-Whim Great House-1989-02-cb.pdf
    Hooks-Simple & Fancy-1990-01-cb.pdf
    Hot Punch Holders.pdf
    Kettle Pourer-1989-12-cb.pdf
    Large holes & shear-1990-03-cb.pdf
    Lead Hammer mold-1990-07-cb.pdf
    Octopus coat hook-1989-11-cb.pdf
    Spring fuller-1990-12-cb.pdf
    Threading on a lathe-2010-12-cb.pdf
    Utensil hanger-1990-10-cb.pdf
    Home construction-Roof trolley-2007-02.pdf
Scientific Publications
    Bloom 1970-An oil dispersant-s effect on the micro-flora of beach sand- J Mar Biol Ass UK 50.pdf
    Bloom 1972-Animal Sediment relations and community analysis of a Florida Estuary -Marine Biology 13-1.pdf
    Bloom 1975-Resource partitioning among the doridacean nudibranch molluscs of the San Juan Archipelago-Washington - A guild hypothesis- UW PhD Diss. Abs. 35-8.pdf
    Bloom 1975-The Motile Escape response of a sessile Prey - a Sponge-Scallop Mutualism - J Exp Mar Bio ecol 17.pdf
    Bloom 1976-Morphological Correlation Between Dorid Nudibranch Predators and Sponge Prey - Veliger 18-3.pdf
    Bloom 1977-A package of computer programs for benthic community analyses- Bull Mar Sci 27.pdf
    Bloom 1978-Radular variation in two species of dorid nudibranchs- J Mollusc Studies 43.pdf
    Bloom 1980 - An Intertidal Soft-sediment Avian Exclosure Which Minimizes Sediment Alterations - Mar Ecol Prog Series 3-78-81.pdf
    Bloom 1980-Acid precipitation - the biotic response in Florida lakes- Proc Int Conf Ecol Impact Acid Precip-Norway.pdf
    Bloom 1980-An Intertidal Soft-Sediment Avian Exclosure Which Minimizes Sediment Alterations - Marine Ecol Prog Series 3.pdf
    Bloom 1980-Multivariate quantification of community recovery- The Recovery Process in Damaged Ecosystems-Cairns-Ann Arbor Science Publ.pdf
    Bloom 1980-Stability in an annually defaunated estuarine soft-bottom community- Oecologia 46.pdf
    Bloom 1981-Similarity indices in community studies - potential pitfalls - Mar Ecol Prog Ser 5.pdf
    Bloom 1981-Specialization and Noncompetitive Resource Partitioning Among Sponge-Eating Dorid Nudibranchs - Oecologia 49.pdf
    Bloom 1983-Seasonality and structure of a shallow-water Florida Gulf Coast macrobenthic community -Int Rev Hydrobiol 68.pdf
    Bloom 1987-Seagrass Zonation - Experimental Verification of the roles of competition and predation-Webb-Proc 14th Wetlands Restoration.pdf
    Bloom 1991-Phosphorus transport with water flow in acid- sandy soils-Bear & Corapcioglu-Transport Processes in Porous Media.pdf
    Bloom 1992-Experimental and Simulated P Transport in Soil using a Multireaction Model - Soil Science 153-3.pdf
    Bloom 1993-A tool for evaluating a need for variable selectivities in cation transport in soil- Wat Resour Res.pdf
    Bloom 1993-The self-similarity curve - a new method of determining the sampling effort required to characterize communities-J Freshwater Ecology 8-4.pdf
    Bloom vitae.pdf
Shop Equipment
        Band saw restoration CB 2010-04.pdf
        Band saw-Accessories-1999-08-cb.pdf
        Band saw-Coolant System-2007-09-cb.pdf
        Shop Tip-Horizontal saw clamp assistance.pdf
    Center Punch using Broken End Mills
        Center Punch.pdf
    Coal Forge Blower Conversion
        BlowerPower-From hand blower-2000-04-cb.pdf
        Hand Blower Conversion-details.pdf
    Gas Forge
        Damascus Gas Forge 2013.pdf
        Gas burner-Comparison-2008-07-cb.pdf
        Gas forges 2012.pdf
        Gas forge-Support for long bars-1993-04-cb.pdf
        Making a Bell Burner.pdf
        Refractory brick-Shaper-2005-07-cb.pdf
        Belt grinder-Flat platen jig-2003-03-cb.pdf
        Belt grinder-Wheel removal-1996-06-cb.pdf
        Grinding-precision-blade holder-2010-12-cb.pdf
        Ironflower Grinder Manual.pdf
    Hydraulic Press
        Hydraulic press-2007-07-cb.pdf
    Magnetic Chuck
        Mag chuck & knifemakers vise-2003-02-cb.pdf
        Bending fork-Universal-1993-05-cb.pdf
        Buffer-Quick change design-2000-03-cb-2.pdf
        Coal forge-Third man-2000-02.cb-2.pdf
    Portable Blacksmithing
        Anvil stand-adjustable-2000-12-cb.pdf
        Portable Blacksmithing - an Anvil & Vise Bench.pdf
        Portable blacksmithing-2007-08-cb.pdf
        Power Hammer Brake - MK 3.pdf
        Teaching trailer-completed-2008-10-cb.pdf
        Teaching trailer-preliminary-2008-01-cb.pdf
        Mk 2 (circa 2000) Little Giant 50Lb HammerBrake.pdf
        Power Hammer-Brake-1989-04-cb.pdf
        Power hammer-Brake-2000-03-cb.pdf
        Power hammer-Hardy hole-2000-10-cb.pdf
    Shop Fan from Furnace Blower
        Shop Fan from Furnace Blower.pdf
    Towing Mods 2016.pdf

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